About Us

Wattana Tower and Construction Co., Ltd. was established by Prapol Sotornwattana in June 2543. We started the business from the installation of TV antenna in the building and expanded the business into Telecommunication industry by managing the construction of Telecommunication station for Telecommunication network companies in Thailand and Cambodia.

With the experienced team, starting from site acquisition, site preparation through the end process of construction and management, we can finish the job in short period of time with the requirements that customer’s want. Besides the specialists, the managers in each department also work with care and dedication in all important point.

Apart from Construction business unit, the company owns pole factory, all type of metal structures such as electronic pole, small electronic station, guard rail or structures for solar cell system etc., under well, proficient and inspectable system.

All of above can guarantee that Wattana Tower and Construction Co., Ltd. has full competency in the production and construction in telecommunication industry, also in the similar areas. We strive to work for all customer with creativity at best value for money.


Our products and services must provide the best value and can be upmost utilized and maximize benefits to our customers.


We commit to develop high quality of products, also well plan Telecommunication networks and infrastructure with fast services. For the fast and sustainable growth of company, officers, suppliers and all our customers, we promise to manage and do business that emphasis on creativity and effective operation management.

WTN is a big family helping each other to create and develop our path towards our common goals.


“value IS CoST”

I - Innovation
S - Society
Co - Communication
S - Sustainability
T - Technology

INNOVATION Creating and developing new things, whether they are small or large, to make ourselves differ or be better from yesterday.

SOCIETY Both environmental concerns and social problems are issues that we are aware of and realize its importance. Thus, we are always support social and environmental development in parallel to business.

COMMUNICATION Focusing on both internal and external communication for better work efficiency and giving the first priority to growth of our customer’s business, partners, officers which is our prolonged suitability.

SUSTAINABILITY Focusing on customers, partners and employees’ growth with are our sustainability.

TECHNOLOGY Using technology in developing products and services to be more efficient, organization management is also included.


Quality policy We determine to manufacture quality goods and deliver to customer promptly at the right price with before and after sales service. 



    Head Office
    2 Soi Premier 1, 14-1 Nongbon Sub-District,
    Pravet, Bangkok 10250
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  • Tel. : +66 2512 3990-1
  • Fax : +66 2938 8170